Taking my time to amble through the world in search of slow travel adventures

Let’s Go Adventuring!

Let’s Go Adventuring!

As far back as I can remember, travel has been an important part of my life.  It’s been a way to connect with family, learn about the world, and, as I’ve grown older, learn about myself.  And with each trip, I’ve learned more about the way I like to approach my travels.

For me, the whole purpose of travel is to experience new places and meet people.  Yes, my inner history geek thrills to see famous battle sights or pieces of art but, more often than not (with the notable exception of the day I geeked out for six hours at Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna), the things I really remember from a trip are the slower moments.  Lingering in the morning at a busy café, enjoying the peoplewatching.  Hiking through the mountains surrounded by local families on a weekend afternoon.  Spending hours over dinner, even when alone, just enjoying life.  That’s the way I want to travel.

Whenever I plan a trip (and I am always planning a trip, however abstract my travel dates may be), I search for ways to slow down and connect with my destination.  This doesn’t have to mean spending a month or even a week in each place; it comes down to being thoughtful about where you go and what you do.

In researching trips, I’ve struggled to really find the right materials for the kind of adventures I want to have.  There are some truly amazing travel blogs out there for female travellers, solo travellers and millennial travellers.  I am in fact a solo, female, millennial traveller but the key difference – and my main frustration – seems to be that I am also a Slow Traveller.  And when it comes to slow travel, the majority of resources seem to be outdated and targeted solely at retirees with months to spare and money to burn.

My passion (and what droven me to start this blog) is this: to find and share slow travel adventures and tips that travellers of every age and activity level can enjoy.  My focus is definitely on Europe these days but I hope to broaden my reach with time.

I can’t wait to share my travels with you and, more importantly, help inspire your own trips!

  • David Nolan

    Good look with your new blogging venture, Claire.

    • The Ambling Adventurer

      Thanks, David!

  • Lisa May

    Congratulations on your new blog – I love the photos you’ve posted.

    I’ve come to realize, a little late, that I am a slow traveler. The friend that I have usually traveled with is not – and we’ve always gone at her pace. I don’t want to do that any more, I feel like I have missed so much. There are places I want to go back to, just to savor them. But most of my traveling is done through books and friends, these days.

    • The Ambling Adventurer

      Finding the right travel partner is always a delicate thing. I hope on future trips you’re able to go a bit more at your speed! Until then, I hope you enjoy my tips and hearing about my adventures – and, since it’s me, there will definitely be book lists too for armchair travellers.

  • Sandrilene

    So where is the photo at the stop. Looks stunning, yet with a clear path to follow.

    • It’s Schynige Platte in the Berner Oberland region of Switzerland. One of my favourite places in the world!