Taking my time to amble through the world in search of slow travel adventures


Welcome!  My name is Claire and I’m so glad you’ve found your way to The Ambling Adventurer.

I have a passion for slow travel – for filling my travel days with amazing experiences and relaxing into the unique tempo of each place I visit.  I started this blog to share those adventures and provide resources for travellers of all ages and abilities as they plan their own slow travel holidays.

I work full-time in my beautiful home town of Vancouver.  Since I can’t be on the road too often, I also love my local adventures, exploring Vancouver and the areas around it.

Every traveller has his or her own style.  Here’s a few important things to know about mine:

I LOVE Europe

In theory, I am deeply interested in seeing the rest of the world.  In practice, I go back to Europe over and over and never seem to get my fill.  I’d love to see parts of Asia and South America (and Antarctica – really, who doesn’t want to see Antarctica?) but Europe is definitely my focus right now.

I am a research addict and read constantly

Because I’m not travelling most of the time, I get a huge amount of pleasure from the planning process.  I always have multiple books on the go to inspire future travels.  I’ll definitely be sharing some of my reading lists here for other armchair travellers to enjoy.

 No trip is complete without a hike (or ten)

Exquisitely marked and easily accessible hiking trails throughout Europe are definitely a large part of why it’s my focus as a traveller.  My ideal trip is a balance of beautiful hikes in the countryside and days spent exploring the cultural offerings in the cities.

I like to stay in comfort

One of the greatest things about being a grown up is being able to stay in beautiful, comfortable places and not have to feel like I should be staying in a hostel.   I am all for places that offer cleanliness, privacy and safety.  Homely pensions and family-run hotels with thoughtful service are my favourites but I love a bit of luxury every now and then.

If you’d like to get in touch or have any questions, feel free to contact me.  I’d love to hear from you!